"Never deny your greatest wish"

Taurus.. Thank all who follow me, and enjoy my stuff!~
love of tea, animals, art, and music
i enjoy all that nature has to offer
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hey just a warning for xkit users on chrome, if you get the little red RESET warning, don’t click it. there is nothing wrong with it but upon resetting xkit will not be able to install anymore. the newest chrome update did something to the xkit guy’s coding or servers or something and he can’t quite figure out how to fix it, so don’t reset your xkit. i unfortunately learned this the hard way.

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I wanna show you how much I like you with lots of kisses in lots of places.

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I would kill to be your clothes, cling to your body and hang from your bones

why did you think this was a good idea. explain. i want a 3 page essay in mla format explaining yourself and your dumbass actions on my desk on monday.

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